Official-Looking iPad Mini 2 Case Shown off in Images: No Change in Design

By  at Sunday, August 04, 2013  

The tech community is highly-anticipating the release of a Retina successor to the iPad Mini, and although there have been rumors of a shortage of Retina displays; we still have kept our hopes up. Recently, we just got a look at what appears to be a back case of the iPad 5 and the tech source responsible for leaking that photo is up for the task again, as it has just leaked a few more official-looking photo shots of the iPad Mini.

FanaticFone has almost no history for leaking important devices but it has just posted a couple of official-looking image of the purported iPad Mini 2. There’s no news about the Retina Display but even an image revealing the back case is good enough for us. One thing is confirmed though, if this really is the iPad Mini 2, then it isn’t much different from the last-gen version. Although it may not be bad news as the iPad Mini really impressed in terms of design, we still might feel a little disappointed if the design remains unchanged.

There is one difference though, but it seems to be more of an internal change! Apparently, this time the iconic back Apple-logo seems to be moulded right into the back shell instead of just an engraving on the back.

It is not clear if this is a genuine device or not. However, Analysts have been pointing to a September date for the next Apple event, so we have only one more month full of leaks and rumors to bear before the big release we have all been waiting for!

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