Apple will Release Non-Retina A6 iPad mini later this year; Retina iPad-mini expected in 2014

By  at Saturday, August 03, 2013  

You may already know that Google recently updated Nexus 7, bestowing it with a retina class display with a 1920 x 1200 screen resolution. However, Apple seems to be stuck with the same old stuff and rather testing on making its iPad mini faster. We were all expecting a retina iPad mini upgrade in 2014 but what recent rumors are suggesting is that “Apple has been testing a new iPad mini with a faster A6 chip, but without a Retina display” and also that it features “rather pedestrian 1024 x 798 screen”.

Some sources reported that Apple may be planning to release three different models of the new iPad mini i.e. iPad 2.8’, 2.9’ and 2.10’ code named J75, J76 and J77 respectively out which, one is the Wi-Fi-only model and the other two come with cellular compatibility. In the iOS 7 SDK, the s518950x reference told about the device being powered by the same A6 chip as the one used in iPhone 5. The current iPad mini, as we all know, is A5 based which is slower than A6 which best supports game plays and high graphic applications.

Apple has been facing some issues with their demand and supply as well as engineering sector and this has forced them to buy retina panels for iPad mini from Samsung. Some analysts speculate that it will not be until March or April of 2014 that a retina variant gets ready.
A full-sized 5th gen iPad with a retina display and an improvised design is expected this fall. Do you think delaying the retina iPad mini makes sense? Will the non-retina A6 powered iPad mini allow a good enough iOS 7 experiences? Please let us know what you think, by sharing your thoughts about this in the comment’s box below.

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