The intelligent ‘Send From’ Feature in iOS 7

By  at Saturday, July 27, 2013  

If you’ve been using the stock Mail app in earlier versions of iOS, you may be well aware of the fact that the ‘create new message’ option redirects you to the “send from” email ID as a default. iOS7 however has some surprises for you as it has improved the working and has also made it easier to use. It seems like they have incorporated artificial intelligence in to it make it remember your choices.

Yes, the mail in iOS 7 learns while you email and accordingly sets the email address in the ‘send from’ box based on the recipient’s name/ID. For example, if I have to reply to an official email it will automatically switch the ‘send from’ to my official email ID. On the other hand, if that is a personal email, the Mail will automatically switch the ‘send from’ to my personal email address which I’d have to set up in the settings once. The best thing about this is that it automatically analyzes the usage patterns. For example, if I always reply a certain friend through my personal email ID, the Mail will figure that out over time and will change the value of ‘send from’ accordingly.

It will not be before you use the Mail app that you know how quickly the iOS 7 learns. I think it won’t take more than just a couple of emails. Efficient enough, NO? This update tends to make stuff easier for especially those users who send and receive a lot of emails daily. Do you like this updated feature? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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