Retina iPad Mini Coming This October

By  at Friday, July 19, 2013  

To keep a firm grasp on the tablet market share, Apple did manage to release its own iPad version of a smaller tablet but this release left some iOS-lovers desiring for more. As pointed out by numerous tech blogs, the display of the iPad Mini lacked in terms of quality and resolution and it was widely hoped that Apple would reveal a Retina display-using iPad Mini successor this year. Just a few days back, we heard rumors about Retina displays being in shortage, but a new report contradicts that claiming that the Retina iPad Mini is really coming.

DigiTimes, a popular Taiwanese source for leaking news, has reported that the Retina Display iPad Mini 2 is supposedly right on schedule and will be arriving this October. This new statement does go on odds with their report from a week ago that said that “almost-bezel free iPad Mini delayed to 2014” so you should take this with a pinch of salt.

But this time, LG is assigned the task to make the Retina displays for Apple’s iPad instead of Samsung and it is sources inside LG that have made it clear that there are no issues plaguing the development of Retina displays for the 2nd-Gen iPad Mini.

Here’s the quoted-text from them,
“The sources also added that LG is reportedly making new headway in producing Retina panel technology for use in the next-generation iPad mini, and expects to ship about 2-3 million units a month in preparation for Apple’s expected October release date.”
We hope this is true as this is certainly good news for folks who have suppressed themselves for buying an iPad Mini and have prefered to wait for a Retina version.

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