iPad sales decreasing till the launch of Next Model

By  at Friday, July 26, 2013  

Like it or not, but Apple has always been the leader in terms of innovation. When Apple released the iPad in 2010, it became immensely popular, selling millions of units every year. Now compared to the previous year’s 17 million unit sale, Apple reported 14.6 million iPad unit sales in its third quarter this year, which is quite a drop. With both Mac and iPod sales dropping, the iPhone is the only Apples growing product.

Citi Research Analyst Glen Young claims that iPads sales will keep on dropping due to the severe competition with other tablets and an old line up. To top it off, the influx of comparatively much cheaper Android tablets has put the iPad sales in bad shape. Young stated that Apple will only be able to sell 10 to 12 million iPads in the coming quarter, showing a 7% decline in sales. So as of now, even if Apple brings shipment up to 75%, they will still fall short of the market growth at 58.7%.
Considering the fact that the current iPad line up has sold over three quarters already, the news doesn’t come as completely unexpected. Apple is expected to unveil its new line of tablets in its blockbuster season, the fall. Most likely we would see an iPad 5 launch along with iPad mini (according to previous reports there was not going to be an iPad mini in 2013) and, if we are lucky, even a Retina iPad mini.

Whether or not Apple iPad will keep its ground as the leading tablet will only become clear once the new products appear in the market, although the new products are certain to bring Apple back into competition.

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