iOS 7 Beta 4 released for Developers: Comes with a lot of Features [Images]

By  at Tuesday, July 30, 2013  

Here comes the time to make some good use of ‘over-the-air’ Software update function in the iOS settings app. The iOS 7 beta 4 is now out for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch but only to the registered developers. It’s been almost 3 weeks since the last seed that Apple has now released this seed. The seed is accessible via the over-the-air software update function. You may find this function in the iOS settings app.

Talking about the earlier versions especially the previous beta release, we have witnessed noticeable changes including a better font style, App Store enhancement and changes with Music, a built in dictionary tool along with a changed and a better folder display. Moreover, improvements in Siri have also lead to the voices being more realistic than never before. iOS 7 is expected to be launched later this fall and we can safely hope to keep getting the enhanced improvements and stability from beta 4.
Meanwhile we keep get our hands on some new features, please do share with us if you find something new. Here are a few screen shots from the new iOS 7 beta 4 with some added tweaks:
  • The added Call button:
  • HDR never get old. It’s better and back:
  • Modified UI filters
  • Search bar in Reminders:
  • Lockscreen is bit modified
  • New Animations and transparency of Folder in Home Screen
  • Redesigned and better AirPlay icons:
  • Redesigned download option in mail
  • Modified Back button in Setups

  • Missing that song shuffling? Well, the Shuffle all songs is back with a bang.

  • Some UI modifications in Newsstand

  • Using applications and got resolution problems? Well now you can change the resolution of your iPad by the new iPad resolution changing button while running iPhone-only apps:
  • Phone Answer button is also modified
  • Safari Graphic Tweaks

  • Swipe between Panels in Notification Center
  • Siri couldn’t get any better and more realistic than this. Have doubts? Check this screenshot from Siri Q/A.

 [Via: 9to5mac]

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