Instagram Users Hacked: Smoothie pictures spammed through the Profiles

By  at Sunday, July 28, 2013  

We all have our moments and we preserve them and share them for later times, with our friends and family. The android and iOS users are blessed enough to have Instagram for the purpose. Instagram is a famous photo sharing and editing application which lets you modify the pictures according to your taste and also allows you to share it with your friends and family. However, if you have noticed something strange going on with your Instagram account like automatically updated pictures, then we have a bad news for you. You’re Hacked.

The issue was recently raised by the Instagram users and they reported that unauthorized pictures and links were posted to their accounts. According to sources, the affected ones had the “photos of smoothies posted to their accounts without permission” and also some strange links in their profile info. Some other complained inability to use their accounts after they tried resetting their passwords. The real story has not been unveiled as yet and so the nature of the attack is still not clear. It seems like hackers are enjoying the act of damaging businesses as Viber and Apple were also recently attacked.

We’ll keep you posted with timely updates as we get details of this attack. Just a piece of advice, please avoid clicking any unknown links as they may get your account hacked. Stay tuned for further updates.

UPDATE: According to a person from Instagram team, few of their users got recently affected by a spam activity where unwanted pictures were posted using their accounts. The spokesman informed that immediate action has been taken to ensure the security of the users and the photos are being deleted.

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