How to save Offline Maps in Google Maps 2.0?

By  at Thursday, July 18, 2013  

Apple might be improving its wonky Apple Maps since its disastrous release last year, but it is nowhere near to being as good as Google Maps, especially since the new Google Maps 2.0 release. Along with a host of other useful little features like Enhanced Navigation, Indoor Maps and iPad support, this update also added an awesome little feature that allows users to save Maps of specific areas for offline use. 

The changelog doesn’t show this but yeah, there is a way to take advantage of Offline Maps and here’s how,
  1. Navigate to the area you want to save the Map of and zoom in a little.
  2. Type ‘ok maps’ in the search box.
  3. It will now save that specific area on all the available zoom levels. (unless you are too far out, in which case, you will be warned)
In case you want to wipe out your saved maps, open the Settings, and follow the path About, Terms & Privacy > Terms & Privacy > Clear application data.
That’s it! There is no lengthy method, it is as simple as that. Google could’ve easily made Offline Maps accessible via a on-screen button, but those engineers at Google like to keep things interesting.

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