[How-To] Create Your Own HTML Email Signatures On The iPhone And iPad

By  at Saturday, July 13, 2013  

Over the years, smartphones and tablets have become a vital part of our lives. Especially, the launch of the iPad meant that a lot of people could surf the internet, play games, read ebooks and even handle emails right from the comforts of their sofas. The only catch proves to be the default iOS HTML email signature that attaches a “Sent from my iPhone/ iPad” with every email you sent. 

However, creating and using a custom HTML email signature on your iPhone and iPad is quite simple, mainly due to the simply HTML tools provided by Webmail. Here’s how to achieve this using Webmail in 6 simple steps:

Create a Custom HTML Signature For iOS With Webmail:
  • Compose a new email addressed to the mail set up on your iDevice and create your own HTML signature using the provided tools.
  • Send the mail.
  • Open it on your iOS device, copy the stylized text by doing a tap-and-hold gesture on the HTML-created text.
  • Open the Settings app and go to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” and then tap on “Signature”.
  • Tap and hold to Select All, then tap on Paste to paste the HTML-text you copied earlier on.

  • Close Settings, and in order to try out your newly-assigned email signature, send an email to yourself.

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