Fingerprint Sensors Shortage Affecting iPhone 5S Production [Report]

By  at Tuesday, July 16, 2013  

It is fair to say that the signature iPhone home button is also perhaps the most vulnerable part of the device as it is prone to damage after an year or so. Recently, we have been getting rumors that the next iPhone might change that with a Sapphire-Crystal capacitive home button that may also function as a finger-print scanner. A new report has surfaced claiming that the lack of fingerprint sensors seems to be affecting the production of iPhone 5S.

The success of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 seems to have caught Apple’s eye, which has been since busy trying to make its 7th-Gen iPhone the next big thing. Recent leaks have led us to believe that the Cupertino-based tech giant may have used AuthenTec, a company which Apple acquired last summer, to create a fingerprint sensor, which is now causing issues regarding the production for the iPhone 5S.

Here is what DigiTimes has to say about it,
“Poor yields of fingerprint-recognition chips and LCD driver ICs will likely force Apple to reduce first-quarter shipments of the rumored iPhone 5S, which is slated for launch in September 2013, according to industry sources.Volume production of fingerprint-recognition and LCD driver chips for the iPhone 5S should have started at the end of June or early in July, but issues related to yield rates will delay commercial production of the two chips to the end of July, therefore affecting the initial supply of the iPhone 5S, the sources explained.”
Apple still has a handy couple of months before it is supposed to release its next slew of products, including a rumored-budget iPhone and also the next-gen iPad.

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