BuddyLock: Lock Screen Launchers Could Never Get Any Better

By  at Tuesday, July 30, 2013  

Few months ago almost a half dozen lock screen launchers were released for jailbroken iPhones. Customers kept waiting and fantasizing about the improvements in the possibly to-be-released launchers but no significant improvement was seen as things went cold. It was not until the BuddyLock was introduced with some really appreciable updates and changes.

BuddyLock is the latest release in the Lock Screen Launcher market and is soon coming on Cydia. Although it seems to be even simpler than the normal launchers, it turns out to be the most comprehensive lock screen launcher as you dive deep down and explore the settings panel. Often, it is said that the first impression is the last impression, but this is not true here. In this case, the last impression will be something that will last forever as the tweak settings are much more detailed than can be imagined.

The launcher allows you to configure up to 5 apps on the home screen for quick launch and you may even add a folder in one of those slots to increase the number of apps in the quick launch. That means you can easily launch 8 applications right from your Lock Screen. Then comes the Side Views option which appears on the right side of the lock screen when you swipe from right to left. The Side Views can easily be configured to display the widgets of your own choice.
The screenshot below shows the auxiliary widgets which can also be enabled or disabled individually.

What more? You can enjoy a number of Lock Screen customizations and different themes via BuddyLocker. Do you know what we meant when we said you’ll find it amazing if you dive deep? Well it gives you the color; font, background, opacity levels and offsets level customizations. What makes it more amazing than other launchers is that all the features allow high level of customization and can be changed and configured.

As for the question you are about to ask, yes it is paid and will just cost you $0.99. If you’ve wanted something that can cater to more than one of our needs, that can solve more than one of your problems and that can give you all that you need, in a comprehensive package then BuddyLocker is your thing.

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