Ayra Arrives on Cydia: Brings Handy Features & iOS 7-like Lockscreen To iOS 6

By  at Friday, July 19, 2013  

iOS 7 got launched back at WWDC 13 but even now, the only ones with access to Apple’s 7th-Gen iOS are developers. Also, there are still lots of bugs for Apple-engineers to sort out. One of the main new features of iOS 7 is the lockscreen which has been completely revamped with a modern look but getting a dev account and updating your device for just that luxury is not worth it! Fortunately, a new tweak has just been added to Cydia that allows you to have that modern look on your iOS 6-running device along with a handy list of lockscreen-features. More about that below,

Developed by a great app-designer, Surenix, in partnership with the the developer behind Velox, Bensge, we were sure that this new jailbreak tweak known as “Ayra” would be a stunner. And we are quite happy to say it does deliver.
The main thing you’ll notice is that Ayra adds a new lockscreen that resembles the new iOS 7 one. Moving on to the features, Ayra gives you the ability to use Notification Center directly from the lockscreen. Along with that, it also allows you to add a total of 12 toggles to your Notification Center for quick management of your device. Toggles can even be removed with a simple tap gesture, while doing a tap-and-hold can act as a shortcut to particular portions in the Settings app. This tap-and-hold also works on notifications, for example, if you get a text message, then doing this will reveal a short preview of the message. Pretty neat, huh?
Ayra can be bought for a somewhat reasonable price of $1.99 from Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

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