AllThingsD: iPhone 5S Goes Into production-Budget iPhone Coming Too

By  at Thursday, July 18, 2013  

The rumors about the iPhone 5S going into production along with a mid-tier iPhone have been doing rounds around the tech rumor mill. We haven’t been able to get anything confirmed from a credible source ye(and we probably won’t unless Apple decides so) but recently, some new reports from reliable sources such as the ever-popular AllThingsD has brought some spirit in the thing relating iPhone 5S production. Along with that, we also got some other handy bits of information about the never-out-of-fashion budget iPhone! More about that after the jump.

AllThingsD reports that the Cupertino-based tech giant has ramped up productions for its’ 7th-Gen iPhone ahead of the launch aimed to be around this fall. On the other hand, they’ve also picked up news from analyst Peter Misek about a second and much cheaper iPhone that could also come along with its bigger brother.  If AllThingsD has got it right, then Apple has got approximately 25-30 Million estimates for this budget iPhone.
They aren’t sure about the pricing for this low-cost variant, but most analysts are aiming for a price in the $300-$400 range without any contract. It may be a little over on the expensive side, but over the years, Apple shouldn’t be too worried about that as just last year, it released a smaller iPad and although it was marginally expensive than the competition, it still captured a large market share from Android tablets. This price could still do nicely as it would be $250 less than Apple’s flagship phone if you’re looking to go the no-contract way.
Altogether, it looks like finally, the long-rumored iPhone Mini might be coming this year after all!

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