Permanent iPhone Unlock with NCK Code May Come Soon Via Dev-Team

By  at Saturday, June 29, 2013  

This topic has been in discussion since a long time, and goes back to the release of iOS 4. The tussle between jailbreak developers and Apple has been a big one, devs find exploits and after a while, Apple patches them but since a few years, the Dev-Team has been looking into developing a permanent iPhone Unlock using NCK Code for iPhone 4S baseband 1.0.11, 1.0.13, 1.0.14.
 Found by Sherif Hashim, this exploit was not found as fruitful as the Jailbreak-devs expected but they have found a new theoretical unlocking method called NCK unlocking  that may be capable of permanently unlocking the iPhone 4S.

Basically, NCK is a unique code assigned to each iPhone. Whenever you insert a SIM in your iPhone, it sends a request to Apple servers indicating the country and carrier of the SIM you just entered. If your iPhone is unlocked, or if you inserted the SIM that your iPhone is locked to, then iTunes will send a response unique to your iPhone’s NCK code, finally activating it.

If lucky enough, the dev-team may be able to break into this in order to achieve a permanent unlock.

Now the only iPhone permanent unlock available is iPhone IMEI unlock, you can check more details from here.

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