Samsung’s New Galaxy S4 Ad Titled “Grad Pool Party” Pokes Fun At Apple

By  at Monday, May 06, 2013  

It’s been a long time since Samsung last poked fun at Apple and its’ fanboys and perhaps that nerve is starting to bounce back in. It has become their tradition to humiliate Apple fans by promoting their own Galaxy S and Note phones and now the South Korean tech giant is back with another one of those ads.
Titled “Grad Pool Party”, this ad touts Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4 as the best and the coolest smartphone around and also shows off a couple of new features of the S4 like Air View, Air Gesture and Voice Beam. On the other hand, this commercial also portrays Apple’s iPhone as a six-year old and pretty outdated smartphone. You might not agree with them, but that won’t stop them from making ads like these.
You can watch the “Grad Pool Party” ad below,

For those who skipped the video, let us summarize it in a few lines. It shows a young Grad who is hosting a graduation pool party and shows off how this party is much better thanks to the plethora of great features present in the S4.
Seeing the perks of Samsung’s latest phone, old parents of these grads get jealous of it and end up claiming the iPhone as pretty much useless as compared to the Galaxy S4.
You really don’t need to be a genius to find out what Samsung is telling you that its smartphone is cool and awesome for young people while Apple’s iPhone is only for someone old who isn’t much interested in cool tech.

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