Open App Notifications By Simply Interacting With The App Icon [Jailbreak Tweak]

By  at Saturday, May 04, 2013  

Cydia is pretty popular for turning out tweaks which, although not approved by Apple, go a long way in improving the default iOS experience. Another one of those great tweaks has just made its way to Cydia to drastically improve the way you interact with your notifications.

Velox is a highly anticipated jailbreak tweak that goes a long way in helping you open notifications or even settings of any specific app on iOS directly from the homescreen. It lets you create custom folders, and swiping down/up on any of the apps on your homescreen opens a small window, depending upon the purpose of that app: Doing this to the camera app icon will reveal a small window right on the homescreen on which the camera is displayed while the Settings app will open up a small toggle menu. These are the apps that have the capability to use these Custom Folders,
§  Settings
§  Photos
§  Maps
§  Weather
§  Contacts
§  Safari
§  Mail
§  Music
§  Reminders
§  Calendar
§  Camera
§  WebClip (bookmarks)
§  Notes
§  Messages

While as far as the notification part of Velox is concern, it lets you make a previously-specified gesture on any app in iOS that has a red notification popup hovering over the app icon. Either swipe or tap on the red popup and Velox will reveal all the notifications by that app right on your homescreen. Take for example, if you have some unread messages in the inbox, you can either swipe down or tap on the notification icon to reveal those unread messages. For clearing these notifications, all you have to do is pull down on them. It is very simply and yet pretty innovative. Thankfully, the developers of But thankfully, this feature of Velox is available for all apps on iOS.

Velox has just recently made its way to Cydia and is available for a very reasonable price of $1.99. Clearly, the idea behind this app is pretty cool and if the developers have done a great job on it so really would be great reason to jailbreak your device, just for using this tweak.

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