New Low-Cost iPhone To Cost Around $350 [Analysts]

By  at Tuesday, May 07, 2013  

Apple’s stance always has been to go for premium high-quality devices and sell them for big bucks and it has worked for them ever since the launch of the original iPhone. But the release of the iPad Mini is a notion that we might be seeing a different side of Apple now as its stocks keep falling and cheap Android phones take hold of the budget smartphone market. Despite the fact that Apple’s CEO said that they won’t introduce a crappy product, we might soon see a cheap mid-range iPhone entering the market and if these new predictions by analysts get it right, then that budget phone from Apple might cost only $350.

According to a report by AllThingsD, here is what analysts Gokul Hariharan and Mark Moskowitz have to say about it,
We believe Apple could take 20-25 percent of this market in the next 12 months (from almost no market share currently), if it prices a lower-priced product at $350-400 levels.
Analysts over at J.P Morgan are also claiming that a mid-range iPhone release from Apple is highly probable,
Currently, the Smartphone market is polarized at the high-end and the rapidly growing low-end segment, while the mid-end price points do not see too much volume. However, if Apple comes in at the $350-400 price point, it could change the shape of the price pyramid, by pulling some consumers into higher end price ranges.
While as far as the specs of this phone is concerned, they are expecting a phone with a 4 inch screen, plastic screen, one-generation old processor and two variants running on FDD [frequency division multiplex] and TDD [time division multiplex] LTE networks. If their calculations are good enough, this mid-range iPhone could hit retail for as little as $350.
What do you think? Are you happy with Apple’s current line of products or a mid-range iPhone is the one you’ve been waiting for?

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