WSJ: Google Maps for iOS 6 Coming Soon

By  at Saturday, November 17, 2012  

iOS 6 came as a nice upgrade but many refrained from upgrading their iDevice just to make use of their beloved Google Maps. Apple made the horrible mistake of replacing it with their own Apple Maps which is completely crap compared to Google’s offering. It was rumored that Google would be making a stand-alone app to submit it to the App Store but then came the news that Google was pessimistic that Apple would ever approve it. But it looks like Google Maps may be coming after all as Wall Street Journal says that it has learned that Google is in the final stages of developing a native iOS Maps app.

WSJ reports that,
“The head-to-head battle between Apple and Google in mobile maps is drawing nearer.
Google has distributed a test version of its new mapping app that will work on Apple’s iPhones to some individuals outside the company, said a person with direct knowledge of the matter. Google has been putting the finishing touches on the app before submitting it for approval to the Apple iTunes store, this person said, though it’s unclear exactly when that will happen.”
We don’t have any news of whether Apple will approve Google Maps for iOS or not but atleast we will know that Google did its best. Nokia has just announced about its decision to bring its awesome mapping service to iOS while Apple Maps is getting better and better every day. So if Apple does admit Google Maps in iTunes, then we will be looking at an interesting competition.

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