Sync / Transfer Contacts from iPhone 5 to Gmail

By  at Wednesday, November 14, 2012  

Did you just get your iPhone 5? Want to sync your Gmail account on iPhone 5? There is an easy way to sync all your Gmail contacts with your iPhone using iTunes. But if you don’ have iTunes and want to sync all your contacts with Gmail, you can follow the guidelines posted below. There are also many apps in the app store which will do this hectic task for you.

Please follow the guidelines carefully. Basically, you will need have to set your Gmail account as and Exchange account.

  • First of all, delete your previous Gmail account from the “Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar”
  • Add a new account to mail, please select the “Exchange” account and carefully fill all the details.
  • A server box will appear after the details have been filled. The domain can be left blank.
  • Now enter in the Server Box.
  • Once done, click the Contacts icon > Groups button on the upper left. A red/green ‘minus’ sign will be visible. Now from the My Mac option, click on all. Head back to Groups and choose Contacts. At this point, you should be able to enter the entire My Contacts group from the Gmail account. Once the required changes are made, the Gmail account will be synced.
  • They are going to sync with the iPhone whenever any kind of changes are made to the contacts on the Gmail web-based interface. Make sure you’re pointing to the correct location whenever you’re on the contact screen of your iDevice. You can also go back to Groups and choose contacts under Gmail if you’re not clear.
That’s it! In this way, you can sync all of your contacts between iPhone and Gmail account.

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