iPhone Spoken And Pop-Up Battery Status App

By  at Sunday, November 18, 2012  

Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad have pretty decent batteries that easily get you through a day if you are an average user but if you are a very battery-conscious person like me who just can’t keep his eyes off the status bar, then you will love this new jailbreak tweak that does that for you.

Battery Status is a new jailbreak tweak that keeps telling you the battery status of your device in your preferred way. Battery Status can notify you about the following things,
  • How much battery life you have remaining?
  • How much more battery you need to get full 100%?
  • And also how long will it take to get to 100%?
You can tweak the settings of Battery Status to alert you by Spoken, Text, or a combination of both. A special action can also be set that it will enable Battery Status to show you the alert.

Battery Status is available on Cydia’s ZodTTD & MacCiti repo for as little as $0.99. As of yet, this is a pretty simple tweak that will simply alert you about your battery life whenever you want it to and there is not much to tweak its functionality. Overall, it seems quite worth the $0.99 it is available for on Cydia.

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