Android And iOS To Beat BlackBerry In Enterprise Soon

By  at Thursday, November 29, 2012  

These few years, the iPhone and Android have completely captured the smartphone market rupturing some well-set Mobile manufacturers like BlackBerry and Nokia. Nokia has managed to switch to Windows Phone but RIM’s BlackBerry is still on the downfall as we wait for RIM’s BlackBerry 10 OS. The only area where BlackBerry was ahead of Android and iOS was in enterprise, but IDC reports that this situation will change soon this year.

BlackBerry is already in trouble for its struggling mobile market shares and this news will certainly not be welcome for them as they have always been ahead in the enterprise due to their top-notch security. But apparently, the sheer interest of apps and the luxury of Google’s and Apple’s iOS are pulling customers away from BlackBerry.

Here is what AppleInsider reports,
“IDC forecasts employee liable Android shipments will hit 87.7 million units, while iPhone shipments are pegged at 37.1 million, reports Computerworld. This is in addition to corporate-furnished sales, which stand at 15.1 million and 31.1 million for Android and iPhone, respectively.

The combined figures far outpace what is expected of RIM's BlackBerry, which is seen as reaching 5.2 million employee liable shipments and 14.8 million from consumers. This lack in interest from the mainstream customer base is hurting RIM's attempts to stay on top of the enterprise heap. In 2011, BlackBerry led in corporate liable smartphone shipments in 2011 with 22.4 million.”
Unless RIM really pulls off a miracle with its upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS, there is no way that it can compete with iPhone and Android. Still, we never know what might happen as five years ago, iPhone and Android didn’t even exist. In the technology world, you can’t just call something impossible. If Steve Jobs can produce a trillion dollar company from a garage in his home, then why can’t RIM come back into the smartphone war?

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