The iPhone makes more money than every Microsoft product put together

By  at Thursday, August 30, 2012  

The iPhone makes more money than every Microsoft product put together. This device alone makes more money from one of the greatest names in technology.

Now if that was said in relation to some other company it would have been believable, but this is Microsoft we are talking about! A company that has been around for decades! This news is not from any third party or an unreliable source, in fact the source for this story is Forbes. And they made this comparison keeping in mind all of Microsoft’s products that have been made since 1975!

As remarkable by Vanity Fair, “cool is what tech consumers want.” And Microsoft doesn’t suggest that.
“One Apple product, something that didn’t exist five years ago, has higher sales than everything Microsoft has to offer. More than Windows, Office, Xbox, Bing, Windows Phone, and every other product that Microsoft has created since 1975. In the quarter ended March 31, 2012, iPhone had sales of $22.7 billion; Microsoft Corporation, $17.4 billion. ”
The iPhone has been unbelievable success for Apple. So much more of a success than we all predicted when it was unveiled back in 2007. It’s the hottest smartphone on the planet, and at five years old, it’s now bigger than Microsoft’s entire business put together. With $22.7 billion in sales last quarter, the smartphone outsold everything Apple’s biggest rival has to offer.

For the last quarter, which ended on March 31, Microsoft made $17.4 billion. That’s $5.3 billion less than Apple made on the iPhone.

What’s even more incredible with these stats is when you look at the positions Apple and Microsoft were in just ten years ago. Apple was hugely successful with the iPod, but even so, the company could only dream of turning over the kind of numbers Microsoft was seeing.

But what may really jump out and surprise you is the fact that iPhone alone generates a higher sales than the total of all Microsoft’s products and services.

 Source  Vanity Fair
  Via Forbes

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