iPhone 5 Rumors: Battery Challenges In The Next iPhone

By  at Friday, July 20, 2012  

iPhone 5 Rumor Alleging Output Problems With The Next iPhone Battery. Noam Kedem, VP of marketing for Leyden Energy, a Fremont, California-based company that makes batteries for consumer electronics starts by writing about the problems the company faced before launching the latest iPad.

As Apple had to keep a balance between feature set, form factor and battery life with the tablet, questions have appeared regarding Cupertino’s strategy for the next iPhone.
Kedem believes that the battery issues are caused by two aspects: energy density and thermal sensitivity.
Kedem describes the two ways in which a battery can be put within the smartphone.

One method by combining two layers of electronics, namely screen and circuitry, with a space “carved out” for the battery, which was used for the iPhone 4S.

The second one uses three layers: screen, circuitry, and battery.

As for the thermal sensitivity, a two-layer design would help keep a distance between the hottest parts of the device and the battery, an aspect Apple is likely to take advantage of, Kedem believes.

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