iOS 6: Download Free Apps From The App Store Without A Password

By  at Thursday, July 26, 2012  

Everyone has great hopes on the new generation of the iPhone and the iOS and this time we have news in relation with downloading apps from the app store.

The more you have downloaded the App from the store you have to introduce your password in iTunes to download this it does not matter if you've paid for it or that the apps for free or update. That was annoying, just as no one likes to enter the password again, and again only when they want to download free apps indiscriminately. However, the iOS 6 Beta 3 and The news comes that users no longer have to enter their password when you download iTunes free apps. You will have only to do this for those that are paid, and a small change, but Despite this, it will prove to be very useful.

9to5Mac points out that it seems like something has changed, essentially overnight, in the way the App Store handles free app downloads. We can confirm this, as all attempts to download free apps this morning have prompted a request for a password entry.

This feature will be quite useful for us! No more re-entering the password when trying to download free apps!

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