iOS 6 Crashes When You Install More Than 500 Apps AT A Time In The Device

By  at Sunday, July 22, 2012  

iOS 6 Goes Crazy When You Install More Than 500 Apps At A Time, Fix Coming Soon. Claimed a specialized company MidAtlanticConsulting that when you install more than 500 Apps in the system iOS 6 then the system starts automatically breakdown , so that no re-run automatically and slow at startup and other problems, but when there is a 1000 Apps, the system breaks down completely.

After numerous discussions, we were able to convince them that if they expect that the iPhone phone and wallet and the gaming device and the remote control, alarm clock, etc.. So they have to allow an unlimited number of applications.

The response was positive as promised to solve this problem in the future, and perhaps in the next beta for iOS 6.

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