First Screenshots Of Firefox OS

By  at Thursday, July 19, 2012  

May be the motive for the Mozilla’s Firefox OS by HTML5,but it sure looks a lot like an unusual cross between iOS and Android. It’s already got strong support from carriers.

The first-gen Firefox OS looks kind of like Android — basic. In our opinion, it kind of looks like a cross between Windows Mobile and Android. Also, the HTML core is some cause for concern. In terms of openness, HTML 5 should allow easy porting between hardware. On the flipside, webOS had a heavy HTML core. And we all know how it faired — complaints about speed were rampant early on. Even in the latter revisions speed was still a recurring issue. And then HP killed it. Firefox OS is different in that regard for now in that it has a ton of carrier backing, according to Mozilla.

The lockscreen incorporates notifications, and you can go directly to your camera or your home page from the lockscreen. This is a definite bonus as it will reduce the time taken to take out your phone and snap a picture. The homescreen is nice on your eyes, and the icons are quite big which makes for quite a nice overall look.

 I really like the way the contacts are displayed, when you open up a contact to view them the contact picture is displayed similar to the way the Facebook cover photo is displayed. The keyboard looks as if it’s been taken out of the iOS with a bit of a modification on the keys.

(Source: TechWeek Europe, Via: iDownloadBlog)

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