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By  at Sunday, July 15, 2012  

Download Tiny Wings 2 – HD From US App Store . The game was announced earlier this week. Today’s official release includes free update with its iPad version on Tiny Wings 2.0 , Tiny Wings 2 and HDis now available

Enjoy stunning HD graphics with all its worth and play like never before with and fly high. Dream again and soar high because “the world is full of beautiful hills,” as the game says.

The iconic app developer Andreas Illiger nailed it with its tantalizing insights and swift moves with easy control options on Tiny Wings 2. Personally, I fell in love with its crafty tune. Play and fly high with your little wings and beat your highest score with all the winding and gliding through the colorful valleys and hills in the
familiar sight of a tubby avian creature before the sun settles down.

With more than 50K reviews at 4.5 star rating, the game is a total
hit on App Store since its release. Alongside, Tiny Wings 2.0 update
includes a racing game mode (Flight School) and its HD version on the
new iPad.

If you want to be an expert avian protagonist, there’s a Guide For
Tiny Wings for best tips and success in the art of flying, developed by
Appchik Ltd.

Highlights of the game includes:
• A new game mode: “Flight School”
• 15 hand-crafted levels that really “flow”
• A few new additions to the bird family
• Hello shiny Retina Display! Tiny Wings is now as lovely as you are.
• Night flights
• iCloud support (even syncs your game between the iPhone & iPad versions)
• Revised menu
• New languages: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch
Tiny Wings 2 in 2.0 version is available on App Store for $0.99 for iPhone. The Tiny Wings 2 HD is available for iPad for $2.99

How do you find the Tiny Wings 2?


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