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The Best Weather Apps for iPhone & iPad. There are many apps on the iTunes store that have weather information features.

Where some weather apps flub the basics, eWeather HD has them well in hand. It loads quickly—a must in any app that’s designed as part of a daily routine. On first launch, it prompts you to choose a location. You can use your phone’s GPS to find it automatically, you can select from a granular list of options, or you can search by zip code. It then gives you a choice of forecast providers, both of which have been quite accurate in my experience.

We have selected the most features rish and used by iOS users. We are listing here the best iOS weather apps. you can choose the best one for though.

1. WeatherBug - it is a weather application for your iPad and iPhone which offer the phone user with lot of weather forecast and details.

It is also enhanced with interactive map and a Doppler radar which allows the user to see anywhere's weather in the map just by pointing it out on the screen.

2. Themo - it is another weather application for your i Phone. it is not that great application because the name Themo itself suggest what it do.

it simply updates you with the current temperature. You can refresh it by tapping it and switch the different temperature meter i.e. between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

3. AccuWeather for iPhone app allows you to weatherproof your day, from hourly to 15-day weather forecasts for 2.7 million locations. AccuWeather offers some pretty cool features, including iCloud support, calendar integration, social media sharing and more. You'll also receive severe-weather alerts and multiple weather views.

4. The Weather Channel brings weather forecasts by the day, week and hour to your iPhone. Features include interactive maps, severe-weather alerts, video of breaking news coverage and social medica capabilities.

5. AeroWeather Lite - This particular application is very suitable for those who generally get outdoor office work i.e. i mean to say, who travels a lot. It also helps in prediction and provides you with the weather report from more than one station.

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