65% of Smart Phone Users Planing To Buy iPhone

By  at Wednesday, July 18, 2012  

One of the most prominent Apple's analysts, Munster has already conducted a survey on 400 person from the United States as well as countries in Asia, and the result looks very positive on the iPhone.
These points show what emerged from this survey.

  • The question was about which mobile phone you are planing to buy, 65% confirmed iPhone, and 19% confirmed Android device from Google, 6.5% reported that they are not interested on smartphones, and 6% answered'' I do not know'', while 2.5% will buy BlackBerry. 
  • 51% of the answers, which says that the iPhone is the smartphone which they plan to buy (whether they already have iPhone or not) said they were waiting for the iPhone 5.
  • 94.2% of iPhone users are planning to buy the iPhone as a next smartphone, the ratio was in the past almost 93%. There are approximately 2.9% of iPhone owners so far are still not sure, and the rate of repurchase up to approximately 95.7%.
  • The poll also asked for any screen size of mobile phones they prefer, the poll shown that 56% prefer the small screen.     
This is the data:
  Now it's your turn, what is the next phone you plan to buy it?

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