Mozilla Junior Browser For iPad In The Works

By  at Monday, June 18, 2012  

It is not an overstatement to say that Apple has dominated the tablet industry with it's revolutionary iPad for over three years. The device is used for a variety of purposes including but not limited to web browsing on the move. Apple ships Safari as the standard browser for it's tablet. Mozilla is working on a new browser that just might steal users away from Safari. It's called Mozilla Junior and it currently is a prototype.

Mozilla Junior aims to be an alternative to Safari on the iPad. Bear in mind that a lot of good browsers are available for the iPad, such as Dolphin Browser HD. Google is also rumored to be creating a version of Chrome particularly for Apple's tablet. Though I am pretty content with Safari on my iPad, it never hurts to have more than one good web browser.

So what exactly does Mozilla Junior has to offer than might make us want to shift from Safari? Well according to Mozilla, Junior for iPad makes browsing more fun, more ergonomic and re-thinks browser user experience from the ground up. Junior is geared towards providing a minimalistic full screen browsing experience, and it does not have tabs. The fact that it doesn't have tabs might drive some prospective customers away.

Though Junior will come with amazing features such as password protected user accounts, good for those who share a single iPad. It will also feature gesture based actions and private browsing. Right now it is not known for sure when Mozilla plans on releasing Junior for iPad. One thing is for sure though, since Mozilla is a not for profit organization, this new browser will definitely be available free of cost.

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