iOS 6 Jailbreak Exploit Closed By Apple

By  at Thursday, June 14, 2012  

Apple has done a lot of amazing things with iOS 6. It has made the upcoming iOS software update the world's most advanced mobile operating system. They have also cracked down on jailbreak exploits. An exploit which was used by jailbreak developers to root their devices has finally been patched by Apple.

Well known jailbreak developer confirmed this via a tweet earlier today. The exploit in question here was first discovered by Comex back in 2010. This bug has existed in iOS for over two years now. Apple has finally patched it in 2012 with the first beta of iOS 6.

Though this does not mean that there won't be an iOS 6 jailbreak. The bug in question here did not concern the average joe who uses a jailbroken device. As a matter of fact, this exploit is unusable for general public as it requires the use of an iOS Developer Account.

However this is likely to irk jailbreak developers. Using this bug they were able to get the proverbial foot in the door for creating a jailbreak of a new firmware. Without this bug they will have to discover an entirely new one. They're smart people, they'll figure it out. Thought the cat and mouse chase game between Apple and jailbreak developers just got a lot interesting.

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