iOS 6 Facebook Integration Rumored

By  at Saturday, June 02, 2012  

We are less than 10 days away from Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference. At WWDC 2012 Apple is expected to unveil a developer preview of iOS 6, it's next generation mobile software. Amongst the various new changes and features that are expected, it is rumoured that iOS 6 will have deep Facebook integration.

There are several reports which indicate that Apple is going to integrate Facebook in iOS 6 exactly the way it integrated Twitter in iOS 5 last year. iOS 5 was released in October last year and it came with over 200 new features, deep Twitter integration being one of them.

However it is turning out to be relatively hard to integrate the world's largest social network into the world's most used mobile platform. Given the fact that Facebook is much more complicated than Twitter and it involves user interaction and sharing at many more levels, integrating it would prove to be a task.

According to the report, Apple is going to simplify Facebook integration in iOS 6 to the lowest level. A Facebook button will be added to the existing list of sharing options through which users will be able to share on their own Facebook Wall.

(via TechCrunch)

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