Apple Might Be Producing A New Digital Camera

By  at Saturday, June 02, 2012  

The start of 2012 saw Apple CEO Tim Cook boasting that his company is going to release mind-blowing products this year. They have already got the ball rolling with New iPad, however there's much more up Apple's sleeve other than new models of iPhones, iPad and iPods. Rumours indicate that the Cupertino California outfit might just be developing a new digital camera.

In Steve Jobs' biography Walter Isacsson writes that the deceased Apple CEO wanted to change three industries. These include television, textbooks and photography. Apple has already changed the PC, post-PC and portable music player industries with it's blockbuster products like the iOS devices and Macbook computers.

An Apple HDTV is already rumoured, meaning that a full fledged television from Apple can be released in the near future. Multiple sources have also hinted that Apple is working on developing a new digital camera. Back in the mid 1990s Apple collaborated with Kodak and created the QuickTake line of camera, though the product was discontinued after Steve Jobs joined back at Apple.

In the final months before his death Steve Jobs is said to have met with Lytro CEO Ren Ng who hurried to Palo Alto just so Steve could see the camera technology of his company. The idea behind Apple's standalone new digital camera is to create a product which makes taking almost professional pictures easy. There is no word as yet when this device will go in production and when it will subsequently be released to the masses.

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