Watch Video Through Mac Camera Remotely Using iPhone Or iPad

By  at Monday, May 14, 2012  

It is surprisingly very easy to configure your Mac computer in such a way that it's camera can be used to view video even remotely, just by using an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The FaceTime camera on a Mac can be utilized to watch live stream of whatever is in front of said camera. That said, read on below to find out how it's done.

Step 1: Install FaceTime on your Mac. It comes pre-loaded with OS X Lion. Previous versions of Mac can get FaceTime from Mac App Store.

Step 2: Position your Mac in such a way that the camera can easily capture whatever video stream you want to watch remotely.

Step 3: In /Applications/Utilities/ launch Terminal. Enter this command which will ensure that FaceTime accepts calls automatically: defaults write AutoAcceptInvites -bool YES

Step 4: Now enter this command immediately after the previous one in Terminal: defaults write AutoAcceptInvitesFrom -array-add Instead of at the very end, enter the Apple ID from which you wish to automatically accept FaceTime calls. This command can be used repeatedly for adding more Apple IDs as well as numbers. Do remember that numbers are to be prefixed with +1.

Step 5: Just grab your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or even another Mac with the Apple ID that you entered in Terminal back in Step 4. Launch FaceTime and initiate the call with your Mac. It will automatically accept and start showing you a live feed of whatever is in front of the camera.

Surely it's obvious that this procedure will only work if the Mac is powered on. To use FaceTime on your iOS device you will need a Wi-Fi connection as it is not possible by default to make FaceTime calls on iPhone using it's data connection.

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