Steve Jobs Worked Closely On Design Of Next Generation iPhone

By  at Saturday, May 19, 2012  

We're all anticipating Apple iPhone 5. No one knows for sure yet what the next generation iPhone has to offer. However a new report reveals that before ultimately passing away, Apple CEO Steve Jobs was closely involved in the design of iPhone 5. He had worked on it with the team right up to his demise in October last year.

It has been further revealed that Steve Jobs was working on the entire redesign of iPhone. Keeping in mind how the same design has been used for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, it is more than obvious that the next iPhone is going to feature an all new design. There's one part in particular of this upcoming design that stands out, it's the larger screen that Apple is going to put in it's next generation iPhone.

The current iPhone and all those before it have featured a display of 3.5 inches. However Apple's Android competitors are releasing smartphones with huge displays in the market, and they seem to be gaining a lot of traction. Word is that Apple is going to put a 4 inch display in next generation iPhone, and that it has already given orders for production for display component manufacturers.

Bloomberg further goes on to state that Steve Jobs had played a pivotal part in design of next generation iPhone. Surely then we can expect Apple's next flagship smartphone to be a total hit. Given the amount of hype surrounding it already, there's no doubt that it won't be a hit.

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