Reveal Jailbreak Tweak Stops Shortening Of Notifications On iOS Devices

By  at Monday, May 21, 2012  

Apple has revolutionized the notification system on it's iOS devices in iOS 5 and later firmwares. iOS now employs the use of a Notification Center as well as banners that pop up whenever there is a notification to be displayed. However by default these banners shorten text if the notification is too long, now there is a way to get past that, thanks to Reveal jailbreak tweak.

The function of this jailbreak tweak is relatively simple, though very useful. Reveal allows you to view more text on notifications. Scroll horizontally on banners and vertically on lock screen bubbles to read more of the message. Tap lock screen table cells to expand the view.

Surely you need a jailbroken device to install and run Reveal jailbreak tweak on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Since the New iPad can not be jailbroken as of now, owners of that particular device are out of luck. However if you have any other eligible device for which a jailbreak has been available at any certain point in time, you can easily install and run Reveal.

You can download Reveal for your iOS device from BigBoss repository in Cydia

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