Microsoft Office For iPad Release Reportedly Taking Place In November

By  at Thursday, May 24, 2012  

There is no shortage of good document editors for the iPad. Nevertheless users have always wished for Microsoft Office for iPad. We have been hearing that Microsoft has already developed it but is testing it internally. A new report claims that Microsoft Office for iPad release will be done in November later this year.

Apple has already ported its iWork suite to the iPad, effectively eliminating the need for an amazing documents processor for the iPad. Ardent Windows users are more accustomed with Microsoft Office and often wonder why it's not available for the iPad yet. While Apple's iWork suite is amazing, I'm quite sure Microsoft Office for iPad will be very well received.

A new report from BGR builds upon a previous report by The Daily which posted a leaked image of Microsoft Office for iPad back in February. BGR's source confirms to have seen the app working on an iPad and is convinced that Microsoft Office for iOS will be releasing, and it would support iPhone and iPod touch as well. Microsoft had denied that any such app existed when The Daily posted the leaked picture, however now there's too much evidence pointing to the obvious.

November 2012 is when it's expected that Microsoft Office for iPad release will take place. The whole suite will obviously be priced above $4.99. If Microsoft nails the release, Apple's iWork suite for iOS will have a serious competitor.

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