iPhone Camera Focus And Exposure Usage Guide

By  at Sunday, May 20, 2012  

The iPhone is an amazing device to take photos with on the move. The camera on iPhone is capable of taking great shots. For the more seasoned photographer, there are options of focus and exposure to play with. This tutorial will show you how to easily tweak focus and exposure while taking pictures with your iPhone camera.

While the iPhone has amazing autofocus, sometimes we wish to take pictures in a certain way that even autofocus can not comprehend. Tapping on the screen in Camera app automatically adjusts focus, but exposure and focus lock can be crucial in getting that amazing shot using the iPhone.

So when you want to take a picture, simply launch the Camera app on your iPhone as usual and point the camera towards the object you want to take a picture of. Now tap and hold your finger on the screen where the object is. This will lock focus and exposure. Once locked, you can take the picture instantly. Once the focus and exposure have been locked, you can aim the camera at some other object and take a picture, all while keeping focus and exposure the same.

It will take some time getting used to taking pictures using this method on an iPhone. Rest assured, the pictures will come out really beautiful.

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