iCloud Down For Over 15 Million People Around The World

By  at Monday, May 14, 2012  

Don't worry if you're not getting optimum iCloud performance today. Turns out that iCloud is down for over 15 million people around the globe. Apple's cloud related offering went down earlier today in the morning. Apple has taken note of this service outage and is apparently working to fix it as soon as possible.

Apple announced iCloud last year alongside iOS 5. iCloud replaces Apple's previous similar service called MobileMe which turned out to be a disaster. iCloud on the other hand has been working flawlessly for quite some time now and it is probably the first time that service outage on such a massive scale has been experienced.

Apple has also updated it's iCloud System Status page and has confirmed that iCloud is down for a staggering 12% of users around the world. The outage does not entirely compass iCloud as a whole, rather these 15 million users have not been able to access and use certain services of iCloud as a result of this outage. The primarily effected service is iCloud mail.

Social networks such as Twitter are now full of complaints from people who can't use iCloud. Considering it's iCloud mail that is most affected, imagine the horror of people not being able to access their emails first thing in the morning. Apple hasn't given any time frame in which it expects this problem to be fixed, let's just hope they do it soon enough.

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