How To View Source In Safari On iPad, iPhone

By  at Wednesday, May 16, 2012  

Are you one of those people who fancy looking at the source code of a webpage? To be honest, that is really interesting. The sad part is that Safari browser by default does not allow viewing page source on iPad or iPhone. However in this tutorial we will teach you an easy way to view source in Safari on iPad and iPhone.

This tutorial is particularly helpful to those developers and coders who regularly use the iPad or even any other iOS device for that matter. Though with iPads accounting for over 90 percent of all mobile web traffic, we're quite sure a large number of iPad owners will appreciate being able to view source on Safari in iPad or iPhone.

Step 1: On your iOS device, open this page on or even any other page and bookmark it
Step 2:  Rename this bookmarked page to View Source
Step 3: View the bookmarklet javascript by clicking here. Then select all of it and copy it
Step 4: In the new browser screen, tap on bookmarks icon followed by Edit and tap on the bookmark saved in the previous step
Step 5: Paste in the URL bar the entire script copied back in step 3 and tap Done to save changes
Step 6:Now open any webpage you want to view source of, open the bookmarks tab and click on the View Source bookmark

You will now see the page source in Safari on your iPad or iPhone. The source will even have clickable URLs and highlighted syntax. Do keep in mind that the page source is sent to a third party server for processing. If you're a privacy buff and don't want that, then it's up to your discretion to use this method or not to view source in Safari on iPad and iPhone.
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