How To Locate iPhone When Battery Is Dead

By  at Sunday, May 13, 2012  

Imagine the inconvenience one would face if their iPhone is misplaced when it's battery is out of charge. You can not even call on that phone in hopes of locating it by it's ring tone. However there's a new app that takes care of this dilemma. That app can let you know the last working location of your iPhone.
The app in question here is called LastAlert. Using this app, you can locate your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch back to it's last known location. If your iPhone has genuinely been misplaced and not unfortunately stolen, then this app can definitely do wonders in locating it.

LastAlert app allows you to keep track of your iOS device through email alerts when the battery level starts to go down. The app gives accurate GPS coordinates which help in pinpointing the last location of the device on a map. The developers have created this app in such a way that it utilizes minimum amount of power and ensures that it doesn't drastically contribute to the battery drain on your device.

Furthermore audio alerts allow you to set audio sounds to certain battery levels, such as 20%, 10% or 5%. Alerts can be set for only three battery levels. Accuracy of the location pinpointing may vary slightly, but it does give you a definite area to look in for your misplaced iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It should be mentioned that Compass feature is not available on iPod touch. LastAlert app has to be manually launched and it needs to be running in the background to do it's functions.

LastAlert premium can be purchased from the iTunes App Store for $1.99. It is compatible with any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that is capable of running iOS 4.0 firmware or higher.

Download LastAlert premium for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
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