Chronic Dev Team is struggling to bring Absinthe Support for iPad 2, 4

By  at Tuesday, May 29, 2012  

These are the golden days of Jailbreaks, because the hard work by Pod2g and Chronic Dev team brought Untethered Jailbreak for All iOS 5.1.1 devices except the newer version of iPad 2, 4. According to the hacking team, the support for iPad 2, 4 is coming soon. The revised version of iPad 2, just like Apple TV 3G is left without Jailbreak.

However, we have good news for iPad 2, 4 owners, because Chronic Dev team and other hackers are working hard to bring iOS 5.1.1 untethered Jailbreak. As posted by the IDB, one of the most prominent members of Chronic Dev team, Planetbeing tweeted that, if someone has iPad 2, 4, he also wanted to confirm the Absinthe Jailbreak for this version.

Another thing is that, iOS 5.1.1 untethered Jailbreak is perfectly working on the GSM versions of iPad 2. And also note that iPad 2, 4 Is the latest version of iPad with newer Chipset and low power consumption. From all the news, it is clearly mentioned that we will have an untethered Jailbreak for the newer version of iPad 2, 4. So, stay tuned to us.

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