Watch TV Online Free On Your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch With iOSLiveTV

By  at Thursday, April 26, 2012  

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices are capable of doing lots of things. However there are certain things we wish and hope that these devices were able to do. One of them is watching live television. Now there is a way to watch TV online free on iOS device, all thanks to a new web service called iOSLiveTV.

The best thing about this website is that it streams TV channels from all around the world to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in AirPlay compatible MP4 format. Which means that once you start streaming a channel on your iOS device, the video can then be played on your conventional television if it has an Apple TV connected to it.

Legality of this service is obviously questionable. There have been reports that this service is down in some parts of the world. However for some it appears to be working just fine. The channel list is impressive and this surely is a TV buff's dream come true.

Since this website has gained substantial coverage on the internet, it's possible that it's servers will be hit by massive traffic causing them to crash. Services outages may occur, and since the legality is in a grey area, it just might be shut down soon altogether. In the meantime, it's the perfect destination to watch some amazing television channels using your iOS device.

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