Sprint LTE Network Unlimited Data Confirmed Prior To 4G LTE iPhone Release

By  at Wednesday, April 04, 2012  

There's much talk these days about the features of Apple's upcoming iPhone. It is firmly being believed that the iPhone 5, or the New iPhone, will have 4G LTE compatibility. This is being said because Apple has already released it's 4G LTE capable iPad. Ahead of the announcement of Apple's upcoming smartphone, Sprint has revealed that it's LTE network will offer unlimited data plan.

AT&T and Verizon Wireless already have 4G LTE networks in place, inside the USA. However they do not offer unlimited data plans. Users of New iPad on these networks currently have to make do with capped data plans, which they over use pretty quickly considering the phenomenal data transfer speeds available on 4G LTE.

The next iPhone will no doubt feature 4G LTE. It wouldn't make sense for Apple to not put 4G LTE compatibility in the iPhone 5. Apart from that, it is expected that Cupertino's latest iPhone will feature a brand new design, a quadcore processor, bigger and better cameras as well as many more amazing specifications. A release is expected to take place in October 2012.

Sprint has gradually been gaining market share in the US. It finally got the iPhone last year, when the iPhone 4S was released. Since then, majority of it's customer base owns iPhone. Their decision of offering unlimited data plans on 4G LTE might just help them sneak ahead of Verizon Wireless and AT&T inside the USA.

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