New Apple Online Store Will Be Launched Soon

By  at Thursday, April 05, 2012  

It was reported earlier today that Apple is gearing up to launch a brand new Apple Online Store. The online store of Apple contributes a major chunk of overall product sales, a rebranding and relaunch will no doubt do wonders for the company, provided that it is done in a right way.

AppleInsider reported earlier today that educational shoppers were being shown a notice, the one depicted in image posted above, that Apple is soon going to launch a new online store. The Apple Online Store is a one stop online shop through which customers can place orders, create proposals, check order status and much more. The company says their new online store is going to have a very simplified user interface.

In usual Apple fashion, nothing more has been revealed about this online store overhaul as of now. There is a possibility that this overhaul might just be for educational institutions only. This makes sense though, considering the fact that Apple has also targeted the educational sector with product promotions and deals.

The notice further reads that customers' current Apple ID and passwords will remain usable with the new Apple Online Store. Apple says that in the coming weeks, more information will be revealed regarding features, benefits as well as the launch date.

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