How To Send A Mass SMS Messages From iPhone

By  at Sunday, April 29, 2012  

We often wonder why we're unable to create contact lists with iPhone to which we can blast text messages to at any given time. For some users, sending mass text messages with the iPhone is a big nuisance. However here we have a solution. This post will teach you how to send mass text SMS messages from iPhone.

We know that Apple has made amazing improvements to the system in iOS 5.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Previous versions of iOS required that the users themselves manually activate the group messaging feature. In iOS 5.0 and later versions, this feature is automatically activated.

So how to send a mass text message using iPhone? Well follow the simple steps given below to do that:

1. Launch the text messages app on your iPhone and tap to compose a new message

2. Enter the name or number of first recipient in the "To" field, after that tap the "+" sign to continue adding more recipients either by their number of by the contacts list on your iPhone.

3. Compose the message and hit Send. That's it!

Refer to the finer details of your plan to find out the costs associated with group text messaging. Other than that, it's fairly easy to send mass text messages using the iPhone.

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