How To Reduce iPhone / iPad Hotspot Data Use

By  at Tuesday, April 24, 2012  

We all know how useful the Personal Hotspot feature on iPhone and iPad is. Using this feature, we can share the device's 3G or 4G connection with up to five WiFi enabled devices. These devices can be any mobile smartphone, tablet or even personal computers. Though if Personal Hotspot usage is not closely monitored, that can lead to excessive billing by the network. So here are some ways on how to reduce iPhone and iPod hotspot data use.

1. Monitor And Use Data Compression Applications:

There are apps on the market through which data usage on your iPad or iPhone can be compressed. One such app is called Onavo. It claims to compress almost triple the amount of data usage on your device. The compression is very effective, but be advised that audio and image quality is affected. Also, online streaming compression is not supported right now. Onavo can be downloaded free from the iTunes App Store.

2. Monitor Data Usage On Connected Devices:

It is imperative that you keep check on devices connected to your iPhone or iPad personal hotspot. Unmonitored bandwidth usage on these devices can account for increased data usage. Download and install bandwidth monitors on your connected devices and monitor them strictly.

3. Disable Sync Services On All Devices:

On your iOS devices, disable sync services such as iCloud. Remember to use these services only when you're connected on a WiFi network. On other devices, make sure services such as Dropbox are not syncing or else they may account for a huge chunk of your data usage.

4. Don't Stream Video In High Definition:

When streaming videos online, whether on YouTube or on any other website, make sure that video isn't being streamed in high definition. If it is, then it's probably sucking majority of the data plan. On all connected devices, make sure video is not being streamed in HD.

5. Disable Automatic Software Updates:

Make sure that the devices connected to iPhone or iPad personal hotspot are not configured to automatically download software updates. Such updates are usually big in size and will account for a major part of the data usage. Disable automatic software updates on all of these devices.

6. Monitor Data Usage On The iPhone Or iPad:

Monitor the data usage on the device you use to create personal hotspot. On your iPhone or iPad, launch, tap on General followed by Usage. Scroll down and tap on Cellular Usage. Keep an eye on Cellular Data Sent, as this will tell you how much data exchange has been taking place.

These are some of the steps that you can use to reduce iPhone and iPad personal hotspot data usage. However if you have any other tricks that you use to curtail excessive data usage, do share them with us in the comments section below.

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