How To Find / Search In Safari - iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

By  at Thursday, April 26, 2012  

How to search for a word in Safari for iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch? Well, it has been statistically proven that iOS devices account for huge amounts of website traffic. Imagine reading a big page on an iOS device and not being able to find some text that you're specifically looking for. Well there is a way to find on page in Safari on iOS device. Read on below to find out more.

We're all a bit too accustomed with desktop browsers where finding text on a page is as simple as hitting a keyboard shortcut and entering the text in a field. With iOS devices, it has now become similarly simple. Though many people are actually unaware of this functionality.

How To Find / Search a Word In Safari - iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

1. Open the page in Safari on which you want to search text.

2. Tap on the Search box in the top right hand corner.

3. Enter the text you wish to locate.

4. Now scroll down search suggestions and tap on "Find (your searched text)"

Safari will now show highlighted text on the page, when you're done with looking at all of the matches, simply tap on done. The process might seem a big hard for iPhone and iPod touch considering their relatively small screen size, but it's a breeze to do on the iPad.

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