Download Sparrow For iPhone New Update, Push Notifications Coming Soon

By  at Wednesday, April 04, 2012  

Earlier last month, the much loved Mac email client was ported to the iPhone. Today the developers have released an update of Sparrow for iPhone. They have also said that push notifications will be coming very, very soon.

Version 1.0 of Sparrow for iPhone did not come with support for push notifications. An email client without push notifications might be a turn off factor for most people, however the developers assure us that push notifications are coming in the next version.

For their blog:
Thanks to your amazing support, we feel confident that Apple might revise its position on the Push API. We’ll submit a version of Sparrow 1.2 including it. this might delay Sparrow 1.2 validation but we’re already working with some partners to include Push in future versions of Sparrow without needing Apple clearance. Push is coming. With or without Apple.
Sparrow for iPhone version 1.1 comes with a few improvements such as an in-built browser which will now be used to open links given in emails. Users now have the ability to hide the app's notification badges per account. New actions have also been added for emptying trash folder and archiving sent emails. Sparrow can be purchased for $2.99.

Download Sparrow for iPhone update from iTunes App Store.

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