Download BiteSMS For iPhone New Update With Tons Of New Features Today

By  at Thursday, April 05, 2012  

Apple has made iOS an amazing mobile operating system, there is no doubt in that fact. However sometimes users feel iOS should be more open to tinkering. Apple doesn't allow that, but the magic of jailbreaking does. People jailbreak their iOS devices to get more customization options. One popular option is BiteSMS for iPhone. A new BiteSMS for iPhone update has been released with loads of amazing new features, it can be downloaded today.

The latest update of BiteSMS for iPhone brings version number up to 6.2. As previously mentioned, the list of new features is exhaustive to say the least. BiteSMS reinvents texting on the iPhone. This jailbreak utility let's you text using iPhone, the way texting should have been by default on this amazing device.

Following are the features:

  • Finally! Added Camera and Photo icon (via biteSMS pop-up menu) so you can easily send photo's in Quick Compose and Quick Reply. 
  • Added an 'Opt Out' of a conversation feature. Ideal for spam or group messages or even keeping a 'quiet' conversation. Long holding on a conversation toggles notification alerts on or off. 
  • Added a 'Copy to Clipboard' feature. Ever wanted to copy an entire conversation and then for example email a copy of it. It's easy now using biteSMS, go into any conversation (tap the status bar to go to top of convo) then tap [Copy to Clipboard]. 
  • Tapping the biteSMS status bar icon now launches Quick Reply if there's just one pending message (otherwise slides open the Notification Center). 
  • Added Orientation Lock for Quick Compose and Quick Reply. See biteSMS > Settings > More Stuff.
  • Added ability to specify a group message contact pic. See biteSMS > Settings > More Stuff > Contact Pics. 
  • Much better integration with Siri for iPhone 4S devices. 
  • Now compliant with iOS 5.1. 
  • Added some simple theme support. There is a file you can create and edit to specify the color of the QR and QC text fields. Only create the file and add details for fields you want to change. The file is /Applications/ (this file is not there as we don't want to overwrite it for each release). You need to create it for your own purposes. However there is a QR-theme.example for reference purposes). 
  • Bunch of bug fixes and performance improvements.
Contrary to what they say, sometimes the good things in life are not free. BiteSMS is usually priced at $8.99 in the Cydia Store, however currently it is available at a price with 40% discount. You can download BiteSMS from BigBoss repository in Cydia for $5.39 for a limited time only. Do remember that you need to jailbreak iPhone in order to use BiteSMS.

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